Customer service don’t: How to lose $1,500

27 Jan

So remember I said I’d given up dress shopping and was going to pick the best of the worst? Well I guess I lied. I was perusing some websites and saw that a local store had just received a dress I’ve been looking for since before Christmas.

I had been there before and thought they were rude, but made the appointment anyway because this is the only place that has this dress. Last time they were annoyed that I was 15 minutes EARLY for my appointment, even though I was patiently reading a magazine while waiting and didn’t demand any sort of service until the scheduled appointment time.

So I get there and they make me fill out a form and wait.

Sales girl is nice, brings me the dress I wanted to see plus two more. I liked the one that I came for. She wanted to bring me more. I described what I wanted (natural waistline) and she said none of that is in style this year. It’s all ruffles and if you don’t like them you’re stuck, and that’s really stupid, she said. Sounds familiar.

Anyway, I only tried on three dresses, when some manager lady knocks on the door and says “your hour is up, I need this room.” READ: “Get out.”

Like I said, they had made me wait, cutting into what was supposed to be my hour long appointment. Then they let me only try on 3 dresses and made me leave? How is that an hour? I don’t think we were in there for even 20 minutes. It is an hour-long return trip to get to this place.

Salesgirl seemed unhappy, considering she was about to bring me one more dress she thought I’d like. Which I’ll never get to see now because I need to order a dress this week.

Anyway, manager’s rudeness lost my dress purchase.

If this ends up being my dress I will go out of my way to call every store that carries this designer, and ask them to order it, even though they don’t carry the sample in store. It’s not like this store helped me find the dress anyway. I’ve been looking for it for months.

EDIT: forgot to mention that I had to wait a week to get the appointment at all. Have already blacklisted this store to my friends getting married and they are sure not getting any business from my mom or my bridesmaids.

EDIT #2 About a week later, I got a really apologetic phonecall from the consultant who was helping me. She said there was some kind of mixup and that the supervisor lady didn’t want me to leave, just wanted me to leave that particular room. Either way WTF. There were plenty of other empty rooms, what was so special about that one? Anyway, she said that the staff ran after us once they realized their mistake to tell us to come back. I don’t believe this, because it took us a while to put our winter boots back on, and we were looking at mother of the bride dresses for quite some time before we actually left.

EDIT #3  now that we’re married and we’re naming names, this store was Ritche in Toronto.


2 Responses to “Customer service don’t: How to lose $1,500”

  1. D. Sanchez January 27, 2011 at 2:51 am #

    You go Girl!! I was at a store once, where the manager didn’t even knock just came right into my dressing room took the dresses away and said get out, we’re closing now, except for the part where it was only 3pm. I never went back there either.


  1. Bad wedding dress store tries to redeem itself « unhappybride - February 1, 2011

    […] The sales girl who seemed annoyed that I was getting kicked out of the store for no reason left the message. […]

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