The January wedding crunch infiltrates my 15 year friendship

25 Jan

I haven’t seen my dear friend for about two months now. She doesn’t live too far away from me, but went to visit far-away family at Christmas, and I’ve been dealing with wedding junk for the month since then.

January is crunch time in the wedding world. There’s at least five wedding shows in the city, so if you stall in booking your photographer/DJ/whatever, they’ll be booked two days after with people they meet at the wedding show. Then you’ve got slim pickings and have to start the whole painstaking process over again. Some photographers claim they’ve had to turn away up to 10 couples on popular wedding days.

My dear friend writes that she wants to meet up:

“I want to find out how the wedding planning is going and what you have been up to these days.”

You are my refuge from this junk, S!!! Don’t make me talk about it with you too! lol.

Anyway, I have to put off seeing her until this dress and photographer business is over with. 😦 We have to beat the slacker couples going to the final wedding show this weekend.

You snooze you lose! (Even though we’re already losing a ton of money haha)

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