I give up on wedding dress shopping

24 Jan

EDIT: I’ve never seen this TLC wedding dress shopping show. So my troubles have nothing to do with it. I don’t care for wedding television shows right now. Got my own problems to deal with. Also did some math. You can’t get anything for less than $1,000 in my city. I’ve checked. So $1,000, plus taxes, plus alterations, plus veil, shoes, etc ends up being about $1,600. Still brutal. END EDIT.

I told my brother about how I can’t find a wedding dress I like. He told me I should do what he did with the running shoes he bought today: Tried them on. Kinda liked them. And bought them even if they’re a little too big. Spent about $100.

Dear men: including alterations and taxes, I have to drop about $2,000 on a dress. That is how much the two I kind of like will cost. Am I being ridiculous by trying to get my money’s worth? Do you just go around spending that many bills on something you half like?

Not only that, but I’ll have to look at these pictures for the rest of my life. Is it fair to make me settle on something ugly that I’ll have to look at forever?

And have you ever gone to a wedding where people DON’T critique the bride’s dress? Everyone is looking at it. It’s not a t-shirt you wear when you’re cleaning out your garage.

Unfortunately, people I’ve talked to expect women to look “the most beautiful they have in their life” on their wedding day. My own fiance even (many years ago before we thought about getting married. He is nothing but encouraging and tells me I’ll look great no matter what I wear). People can be so critical, and if women disappoint, they hear about it later. Or sometimes even during. Yes I’ve heard stories about drunken guests going up to brides and saying that their dress is ugly/DJ sucks/cake tastes bad/whatever. And I’ve heard these stories from real people, not a movie. Anyway, I don’t want to have to deal with this all later, and why shouldn’t I get to look nice anyway?

I’ve narrowed it down to two dresses. I can’t decide. They’re pretty similar, but one makes me look fatter in the hips, and the other bunches up in the back. My mom used to be a seamstress, and says there’s nothing that can be done to fix these flaws.


I’m sick of dress shopping. I’ve tried on what feels like 100 dresses by now. But they’re always the same, unflattering poof fest that I don’t want. I’m going to decide between these two and the next time I go to a dress store, I will make a purchase. The end. Enough of this crap.

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