Sample sale verdict: bitchy brides hit and miss

22 Jan

Made it out unhurt from the frou frou wedding dress sample sale. For kicks: we snuck a covert photo of this $6,000 Spring 2010 Marchesa cabbage leaf concoction that swallowed me alive.

Do you believe other brides told me I looked “so good” in this?

The lady assured me there were dresses under $1,500 on sale. There were, but they were either stained, or weren’t my style…or that of anyone else. So since we were there anyway, I tried on the $9,000 ones for fun.

There really wasn’t the catfight I expected, more of a subtle sense of entitlement or snobbery.

There were about 4 people trying on massively ruffled dresses per change room, so you had to get over your modesty quick, while making sure you didn’t step on any of the dresses someone else was trying on. One girl didn’t care and kept plowing people down, even though they’re struggling to get into a huge, flower and crystal engulfed Oscar De La Renta marked down to $9,000.

Then there’s the territoriality again. Each person was allowed 3 dresses at a time. This plow-o-mama girl actually stole someone else’s dress while the other girl was looking in the mirror!

After I pointed out to her that the dress was someone else’s she said “no it isn’t,” gave me a snarky look, zipped it up, and walked out, proceeding to tell her friend about how rude I had been to her. Really? Then she’d stand in front of other people looking in the mirror. Sigh. The rest of the women there seemed fine.

Out of about 10 girls squeezed into a tight room, and struggling for mirror time, only one ended up actually buying a dress, which looked fantastic on her. She seemed really surprised that I actually told her how great she looked. Guess she’s dealt with one too many bridezillas too! lol

Anyway, designer haute couture isn’t for me. Celebrities can keep their Monique Lhuilliers that have weird, unflattering shapes for the sake of fleeting fashion and regret their dress choice 2 years from now. I’m going for classic style and good fit instead. I can’t deal with all the weird ruffles and can’t bring myself to spend that much on a dress I’ll wear for one day.


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