Pressure disguised as helpfulness

19 Jan

We’re at the photographer stage now. We’ve already visited two and were really leaning toward the first one.

Now the first one just sent us an email 3 days after our meeting, to helpfully say that the clock is ticking and he had to turn away another couple for a different day, and that we should essentially hurry up and decide.

We’ve been buried in snow the last three days, so haven’t been able to interview other photographers.

Anyway, I doubt this event the photographer described even happened.

Regardless of you trying to phrase it as being helpful, this is pressure. We know lots of other people are booking, but if you think we’ll spend $7Gs on photos and videos, we’re going to do it right and shop around, and won’t be swayed by any pressure you’re putting on us.

The email totally put me off and makes me not want to book with them. Have to discuss it with fiance to see what he thinks.

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