Don’t believe reviews. They lie

19 Jan

I’ve come to the conclusion that online wedding vendor reviews must be written by unreasonable bridezillas. I’ve read awful, awful reviews about wedding dress stores and DJs and then when I’ve gone to visit, the places have been absolutely wonderful.

Bridezillas complain that the sample dresses to try on are “too dirty” or “too big.” I’m sure hundreds of people try on those dresses, and bridezillas like you destroy them. So many are ripped. Do you blame the store for not spending $200 every few weeks to clean or repair the $2,000 dress another girl will tear apart and drag on the floor five minutes later? And complaining that the saleswomen are rude? I’ve gone to stores that have horrible online reviews but in reality, the women that work there have been nothing but courteous and even squeezed me in with a last minute appointment. Sure they can’t give me a lot of attention, but I’m the one that called in at the last minute, and they’re the ones doing me the favour so I thank them.

Message to bridezillas: You are not special to wedding vendors. It’s not their job to treat you like a princess. It’s their job to sell you a dress. You are their paycheck, and if you don’t want to be, they’ll just turn to the next person lining up to get an appointment.

A lot of these women writing online reviews cite “a dream wedding needs a dream dress buying experience and I didn’t get that.” Are you for real? You’re not the only one in the store and these women are not your servants. They’re doing their best to server other customers while dealing with your unreasonable demands.

One bride is bitching that her dress came in early and she was inconvenienced having to go pick it up early. Would you rather it be late?

Another one was annoyed that her dress arrived wrinkled (obviously things get wrinkled in shipping) and she didn’t want to wait a day while the store steamed the wrinkles out. Because its logical they should drop everything and serve you right away.

And a bunch of reviews said the DJ we’ve hired is “awful” but don’t cite any reasons why. This guy answered his cell phone while on vacation in another country! And he always checks in to see if we want more services from him. I know he is just trying to upsell us, but at least he’s in constant contact and didn’t just take our money and run and leave us worried.

I think many of these reviews are either written by bridezillas or the vendors competitors trying to give them a bad name. Don’t believe everything you read!

2 Responses to “Don’t believe reviews. They lie”

  1. J Tutton February 6, 2011 at 8:28 pm #

    I don’t have you as a client, even though we are reasonably close, but I sure like your attitude and wish more brides were like you. I’ve read lots of bad reviews too, some justified, some not. You are a breath of fresh air to NOT take everything that is written about wedding vendors to heart.

    • unhappybride February 7, 2011 at 4:23 am #

      You should always verify what you read. You can never be sure about what you read, and this is a perfect example.

      I think some brides need to chill. Sure it is a special day but you don’t need to blacklist someone’s busines because they didn’t cater to your ridiculous demands.

      Although I think this store deserves the bad review. The only bad one I’ve given so far.

      Thanks for commenting!

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