Stop asking about the wedding…

18 Jan

I hate talking about the wedding. I’ve got enough stress to deal with and I think this industry is ridiculous and is sucking us financially dry. I really don’t need to be reminded about it. And your asking me about it just reminds me how far behind we are in getting this thing done.

That’s why I hate it when well-meaning people, many who are excited brides themselves, yack me up, thinking I am as prepared and as excited as they are in planning minute details of a wedding. Your wedding is three years away, yet you are much, much more prepared than I am with 6 months to go. No we don’t have invitations finalized. We don’t even know what time our ceremony will be. And we don’t have a cake yet. We’ve got more pressing things like ordering a wedding dress that takes 6 months to arrive, or a little thing like avoiding bankruptcy. Maybe you can worry about these tiny details right now, but we’ve got bigger, more practical fish to fry first.

It gets me wondering, do I give people the impression that I am a bridezilla and enjoy talking about this? Or do they assume that all brides like talking about this stuff? Is that why they are asking me all these questions?

Does it matter right now if my shoes are white, ivory or silver? How do I get people to stop asking about this stuff?

And another thing. Are these people who post on wedding websites for real? I ask practical questions on online wedding forums. You know, stuff like “when is it too late to order _________” or “how much is too much to spend on ________.” Why do people start threads like “OMG!!!! I JUST GOT ENGAGED!!!” or “OMG WHO ELSE IS GETTING MARRIED ON THE SAME DAY THAT I AM?!?!? LOLZ WHO IS MY WEDDING TWIN?”

Do you know these people on the Internet? What difference does it make if they get married on the same day that you do? And why do you want web strangers to congratulate you? Are you so selfish that the gushing of your friends is not enough? I’m pretty glad that we didn’t even change our Facebook relationship status because we didn’t want to deal with feigned happiness from grade school randoms who would invite themselves.

Maybe an explanation about people’s web posting of this stuff: maybe its’ all they have? A lot of these posters in these web forums have been married for like 5 years. Why are you still talking about wedding junk? It’s one thing to explain what you’ve learned at the end of it all for the benefit of the community, but these people are poking their nose in other stuff. Do they have nothing to enrich their lives with? Why haven’t they gotten over it and moved on to nicer things in life like spending time with family, friends, or a hobby?

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