Wedding price gouging

15 Jan

Slap “wedding” in front of anything you want to buy, and it jacks up the price 10 fold.

We went to see a photographer today. Really nice guy, who we liked and had a good portfolio. Photo packages were reasonable, but apparantly photo albums cost as much as a family of four’s monthly grocery bill.

Remember the photo albums of yore? You’d get them at Walmart. You’d peel the plastic film from the sticky backing and put a photo in between. Not anymore. You’ve got glossy metallic paper, watercolour paint paper, thick acrylic covers or genuine leather.

They’re beautiful. But cost $1,400. I’m not kidding. Not a typo either. One thousand, four hundred dollars. For a book. That’s not diamond encrusted.

The DJ we hired earlier in the week? $1,200. With a 75% deposit! In what industry do you pay that much upfront for any goods before you receive them?

And that $1,200 is not including $1,000 to flip the lights on in our venue.

Yes, we either pay $1,000, or eat and dance in darkness. Not joking about that either.

You can’t make this stuff up.

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