Wedding dress shop beefs

14 Jan

Some beefs I have with wedding dress shops:

Help getting in a dress: I’m an adult. I’ve been dressing myself for about 25 years. Why do you need me to strip down in the tiny change room in front of a stranger who “helps” me into the dress (I.e. holds it open so I could step into it…you know, exactly like I do with pants every single day). I don’t break my regular dresses. I’m not going to break yours.

Appointment: I get that you want to provide service and only have a finite number of change rooms…but why do I need an appointment to go in on a Monday at 4 p.m.?

Keeping dresses behind closed doors: I understand you have showroom space constraints but I know better than anyone what I like. If you let me go in there for 5 seconds, I’d show you so you could help me better and we’d all save tons of time.

Deja Vu: Every store in the city seems to have the same dress. Seriously. I’ll go to another one, describe what I want, and get exactly the same dresses every time. And it doesn’t fit that description. Maybe because that’s all they have in the 2010 collections.

Not listening to me: If I said I hate a lot of dark beading or tulle, or too-poofy skirts, why do you keep bringing me those? It’s just wasting everyone’s time.

Pressuring me: I don’t know about other people, but when people pressure me, it makes me NOT want to do what they are pressuring me about. I know you have to serve other people. But there’s no one here right now and it took you longer to tie up the corset back on this dress than the time you gave me to look at it. Please let me examine it for 30 seconds. You can’t pressure me into buying it at first sight unless you actually let me look. Also in the rushing category: reminding me every single time about how the clock is ticking and my dress won’t come in time. You say the dress will come in June for my July wedding. Funny, when I call the manufacturer, they say April or May. Your pressure is having the opposite effect of what you want, and your pressure will make me go to another store.

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