I hate wedding dress shopping

13 Jan

Bless the hearts of patient wedding dress store staff who try their best with someone like me. I’m pretty disappointed with the selection when dress shopping and these wonderful ladies keep bringing me more and more dresses that just don’t fit the bill.

And no, my problem isn’t that I hate trying on dresses or don’t like anything. The problem is that I hate all the 2010 designs. They’re ugly. I know this because I looked at wedding dresses about 2 years ago and saved some screenshots of perfectly tasteful ones that I still love today. Problem is they are all discontinued. Two of the four dresses I have tried on and sort of liked have ended up being discontinued models. So you can only get the floor sample, but they’re always either really damaged, or too small. I really hate 2010 styles. Seriously. Look at what is in style right now. Ridiculous ruffles, too much fairytale frilly poof like this cotton ball Nicole Richie wore at her wedding, or this asymmetrical aberration. And do you know how many moms will freak when they see black on a wedding dress? You may like this shapeless sheet that looks like the designer ran out of fabric or this one that has major static cling. Toilet paper dresses might look better. So now I’m waiting for the 2011 dresses to come in, which, from the magazine, look much, much better. Too bad the wedding dress stores are breathing down my neck, telling me that if I don’t order a hideous thing *NOW* that it won’t come in time for my wedding in 7 months.

2 Responses to “I hate wedding dress shopping”


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    […] Sales girl is nice, brings me the dress I wanted to see plus two more. I liked the one that I came for. She wanted to bring me more. I described what I wanted and she said none of that is in style this year. It’s all ruffles and if you don’t like them you’re stuck, and that’s really stupid. Sounds familiar. […]

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    […] have anything like this. I’ve gone to EIGHT different wedding dress stores in this city. None of them have anything like this. Each store says “sorry, its out of style, should’ve gotten married two years […]

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